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Music Rotations

A Music Rotations Directory

Music Rotations Directory @ LJ
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Music Rotations Directory

Music Rotations!

About Us
This is a directory for music rotations that aims to share traffic and spread the word around for everybody, owners and music lovers alike. If you would like your rotation/music lj listed here, please make a new post with the following information:

Name: Name of your rotation rotationname
Moderated by: modname
What is shared? What kind of music (or MVs/PVs if any) does your rotation share?
How it works: Are requests open or closed? How often is the rotation updated? Is it open to everyone, or members-only?

A Few Guidelines
1. Please link back to music_rotations on your userinfo (not mandatory, but it helps spread the word around).
2. Make sure you have the keyword "music rotation" in your interests!
3. Please fill out this simple form and add whatever you see fit.
4. Please do NOT flood/spam advertise. You can repost your community a week from your last post, but not any time before. Failure to follow this will result in a ban.

The community assumes no responsibility for its members and what they share.